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Persistent Intelligence.

Connecting people, data, and technology to create meaningful insights.

Our Platform

MissionGraph is an open architecture, data integration, enhancement, and exploration platform that powers massive-scale analysis customized by domain. We empower government agencies and businesses with faster time to action, improved technical agility, increased control over messy data landscapes, and advanced insights into complex questions.

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Intelligent Data Ingestion
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Advanced Analytics

Decrease time to action on your organization’s toughest problems with powerful analytics and machine learning models.

Break down silos and unify records to explore connections between people, places, and things across enterprise data.

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Dynamic Apps
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Built-in apps for Entity 360, Network Exploration, Geospatial Analysis, Lead Generation and more, or easily create new apps tailored for your needs.

Our Platform
MissionGraph - See The Big Picture
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MissionGraph Difference

The MissionGraph Difference

Leading Edge

Integrates a scalable, distributed data store, powerful visualization software, elastic cloud infrastructure, and cutting edge orchestration tools.

Full Range 
Analytic Capability

Empower analysts, operators, decision makers, and data scientists to rapidly generate intelligent insights.

Delivered by
an Industry Leader

Solutions are delivered using Deloitte's knowledge of your agency or industry, our user-centered design practices, and Deloitte's subject matter experts.

Open Architecture

Engineered with a focus on flexibility and customization, allowing you to continuously adapt to rapid changes and seamlessly integrate existing toolsets.

How It Works


Deploy Platform in Cloud or On-Premise

After analyzing your data and business needs, our Deloitte Consulting delivery team will assist with deployment. Using MissionGraph's data integration tools, our team can enhance data, connect APIs, and set up default front-end apps for your analysts.


Build Customizations 
Tailored to End Users

Depending on the end user, MissionGraph's user interface can be tailored to specific job functions. Several custom interfaces include Bespoke apps and data visualizations.


Connect to Existing Technology

MissionGraph integrates easily with your technology stack. No need to switch over - continue to leverage existing business intelligence tools, case management system, workflow tools, and data science environment.

Use Cases

Industry Solutions

Intelligence & Investigations

During ongoing investigations, MissionGraph's intelligence solutions empower analysts to compile all known information on people, places, or things in order to uncover abstract connections between entities.

Understand a target's full profile from multiple data sources.

Explore pre-connected networks of people, places, and events.

Conduct community and anomaly detection analysis to identify smuggling/drugs/trafficking rings and lone wolves.

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